Program co-hosted with TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL International Ogura Hyakunin-isshu Karuta Festival 2020 Bringing Japan’s culture and sport “Kyogi Karuta” to the world & to the future.

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Tournament Results

Olympic and Paralympic Memorial Awara International Karuta Tournament Results
  • Sunday, 6th June 2021 Venue: Awara Onsen Seifuso
  • ●International exchange

  • WinnerSamaque Muhammad (Joto Karuta-kai / Pakistan)
  • Second placePalcios Fraga Uema Guilherme (Joto Karuta-kai / Brazil)
  • Third placeBeatriz Blue (Otsu Akinota-kai / Sweden)
  • Hsinwen Chou (Taiwan Karuta Club/ Chinese Taipei)
  • ●D rank (Domestic / players working toward C rank)

  • WinnerNorihiro Habu ( Fukui Prefecture Karuta Association)
  • Second placeKanna Matsumi ( Fukui Prefecture Karuta Association )
  • Third placeIroha Nishimura ( Fukui Prefecture Karuta Association )
  • Tamon Nii (Fukui Prefecture Karuta Association )
    1. あわら世界大会結果発表
    2. あわら世界大会結果発表
    3. あわら世界大会結果発表

You can also watch the archive of YouTube LIVE “Discover the secret of the Land of Karuta, FUKUI” on this channel.


Report on “Spreading Kyogi Karuta throughout the world” symposium
  • Sunday, 13th June 2021 Venue: Omi Kangaku-kan, Otsu City
  • We held the symposium “Spreading Kyogi Karuta throughout the world” on Sunday, 13th June 2021 at Omi Kangaku-kan in Otsu City.
    Actress Yuki Mio, Poet Hayashi Kazukiyo, and Sato Natsuki from Otsu City Tourism Promotion Division appeared live on our stage.
    Panelists from overseas also participated remotely. They included Maillard Quentin and Chambaron-Maillard Amandine from France, which was the winning team of the "1st Otsu Hikaru-kun Cup International Kyogi Karuta Tournament", and Maruf Amril from Indonesia, which is a relative newcomer to kyogi karuta. Also appearing virtually was Stone Mutsumi, who lives in the United States and works to promote kyogi karuta overseas for the All Japan Karuta Association.
    The first part of the symposium introduced the “Otsu Hikaru-kun Cup International Kyogi Karuta Tournament” and the current situation of kyogi karuta overseas. In the second part, panelists exchanged views about the attraction of kyogi karuta to foreigners and what might be done to further spread appreciation of kyogi karuta overseas from different viewpoints.

    1. “世界に広がる競技かるた”シンポジウム
    2. “世界に広がる競技かるた”シンポジウム
    3. “世界に広がる競技かるた”シンポジウム
    4. “世界に広がる競技かるた”シンポジウム

You can watch the recording of the symposium on this YouTube channel: