Bringing Japan’s culture and sport
‘Kyogi Karuta’ to the World & to the Future.

Open to public


Holding period:
Saturday, 22nd May to Sunday, 13th June
Festival outline:
In the year of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics the three cities of Bunkyo, Awara, Fukui; and Otsu, Shiga; Tokyo will jointly hold the world’s first Ogura Hyakunin-isshu Festival to showcase 800 years of Japanese history and culture through the tradition of Ogura Hyakunin-isshu and Kyogi Karuta competitions.
  • Bunkyo city
    Special Exhibition Saturday, 22nd May to Sunday, 30th May / Various events Saturday, 29th May to Sunday, 30th May *In-person events were canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Awara city
    Competition Sunday, 6th June
  • Otsu city
    Symposium Sunday, 13th June
Hosted by:
All Japan Karuta Association / Bunkyo City, Tokyo / Awara City, Fukui Prefecture / Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Request of attendees:

At this event, you will have the opportunity to watch matches that are usually not open to the public.
Kyogi Karuta requires intense concentration and the more elite the player, the quicker he or she can analyze the sound of the reciter’s voice before a syllable is fully articulated.
Please pay attention to the following points when observing the match and enjoy the speed, skills and strength of the competitors.

Request to all spectators:

Please adhere to the following requests during the competition :
Please refrain from taking pictures with your camera or mobile phone.
Turn off your mobile phone or put it into silent mode.
Refrain from moving and talking when the reciter starts to read the second half of the poem.
※Be careful not to make any noise. Footsteps, rustling clothes, whispering, vibrations of mobile phones, sound of plastic shopping bags, sound of turning pages, and so on.


  • 2021.06.28Has been updated Tournament results.
  • 2021.06.17Has been updated Tournament results.
  • 2021.03.31Has been updated.
  • 2020.04.20Has been updated.
  • 2019.11.10Official website launched.

Congratulatory Remarks

©Yuki Suetsugu/kodansha

Yuki Suetsugu

Many events had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a year that I felt the sighs of everyone involved.
Meanwhile, I was excited to hear that a new Karuta festival will be held this year. I feel there must be many Karuta fans and players who share that feeling. ‬
We must remain vigilant, but I will do my utmost to support the determined efforts of karuta players.
I truly am happy to welcome the 2020 International Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Karuta Festival.

Co-sponsor’s Greetings

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are not only sport events – they are also cultural festivals enshrined in the Olympic Charter.
Kyogi Karuta has created a new tradition by infusing a competitive spirit into the traditional Japanese culture of Hyakunin-isshu..
Like the Olympic torch relay, the wonderful karuta events will be held one after another in Bunkyo city, Awara city and Otsu city. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to exhibit karuta in various places in Japan and the rest of the World.
I wish the festival will convey the wonder of Japanese culture to the world.

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Chief Financial Officer Director of Planning and Finance Gakuji Ito